Features & Reporting

HuffPost Life, huffpost.com/life
I Work In Zoology. This Is What I Wear To Work Every Day.
How Long Does Coronavirus Live On Skin, Hair And Nails?
These Skin Conditions Could Mean You’re Carrying The Coronavirus
The Mental Health Benefits Of Getting Dressed For Work
19 Black-Owned Pin And Patch Businesses To Support Right Now
Why Are Clean Beauty Products More Expensive?
3 Hair Mistakes Your Stylists Wish You Wouldn’t Make At Home
12 Long-Lasting Lipsticks That’ll Make It Through Thanksgiving Dinner
The Hottest Beauty Influencer Tea of 2019, From Room Temp To Scalding
The Best Retinol Products That Dermatologists Highly Recommend
Romper, romper.com
To read all Romper reporting by Katie McPherson, click here.
The Daily Beast, thedailybeast.com
Gentle C-Sections Could Transform How We Give Birth
Could 3-D Printing Solve the Breast Implant Illness Crisis?
In 2020, Could Artificial Intelligence Help Cure Cancer?

The Chews Letter, thechewsletter.com
Comfort Food And Old-Fashioned Community At Silkie’s

Jacksonville Magazine, jacksonvillemag.com
The importance of getting little ones to go to sleep (and tips on how to do so)
Sibling rivalries are a healthy part of growing up
Teaching teens responsible social media use
Six steps to staging your home before it goes on the market
Tech companies are leading the charge to detect atrial fibrillation
Want to live a longer, healthier life? There may be an app for that
Indoor plant parenthood 101

Ocala Style Magazine, ocalastyle.com
Column: Social media makes me a perfectionist
Column: I married my Tinder match
Bar Necessities
Art Park Artisans
What to (Actually) Expect
People Behind The Plates
Investing in New Nurses
Passion For Poutine
Boots, Barns & Burlap: Southern Matrimony Done Right
Fantasy Fans Unite!
The Raddest Parks Around
And To All A Good Bite
A Walk Down The Aisle

Healthy Living Magazine
Vaping: Everything we know, and everything we don’t
Surf’s Up
Word of the Day: Transition
Cause Of Death – Living
Taking Back The Gavel
Defeating The Distance
Perfect Party Treats
In Case of Emergency
Ageless Wisdom
Two (Or Three) Of A Kind
Healthy Beat Skating Into Sochi
Behind The Menu At MRMC
Healthy Beat Google Eyes

EU Jacksonville, eujacksonville.com
Brett Dennen wins over new fans in Jacksonville at Daily’s Place

VOID Magazine, voidlive.com
A Look at Goldeneye 007 with Today’s Graphics

The Financial Diet, thefinancialdiet.com
5 Ways A Makeup Junkie Kicked Her Expensive Beauty Habits

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